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Site started 10/26/12! Work in progress we add about 50 videos a week.
As of 11/30/12 we have over 2,200 video pages on the site.
We're working on refining our search indexes and will update about 1,100 pages.
Then we'll add some new content for AutoCAD, MicroStation & Microsoft Office.
We're looking for Ad Sponsors, Windows 8 Hardware vendors love to show windows 8 tablet on your hardware!

Free Windows 8 Video Training Tutorials! - 75+ video tutorials w indexes.

The following content is a few versions older but it's free!
Most of it still applies to current versions, although you'll have to hunt for icons.
You can alway buy our current versions either from 321Learn.com or nvsi.com

AutoCAD Quick Search 2D 3D (750+ topics)

Free AutoCAD 2D Training! - 190+ video tutorials with 400+ indexes
Free AutoCAD 3D Training! - 80+ video tutorials with 350+ indexes

MicroStation Quick Search 2D, 3D & Advanced (800+ topics)

Free MicroStation 2D Training! - 100+ video tutorials with 285+ indexes
Free MicroStation 3D Training! - 95+ video tutorials with 250+ indexes
Free MicroStation Advanced Training! - 78+ video tutorials with 265+ indexes

Free Photoshop / Photoshop Elements Training! - 80+ video tutorials

Facebook, Office, SmartSketch, Pinterest? and more coming soon!
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