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Some of the things you can search for: 2D 3D Absolute Add Alignment Angle Annotation Aperatures Arc Area Arrange Array Arrow Associative Attaching Attribute Audit AutoCAD AutoLISP AutoSnap Background Bisect Block Border Box Bracket Break Bspline Cascade Center Chamfer Circle Circumscribed Clip Color Command Compare Configure Construction Coordinate Copy Crop Curve Cut Delete Description DesignCenter Dialog Diameter Dim Dimscale Distance Drop Duplicate Dynamic Edge Edit Element Elevation Ellipse Endpoint Erase Example Explode Express Extend F1 F10 F11 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7 F8 F9 FIRST Fade Feature Field File Fillet Find Fit Font Function Geometry Grayed Grid Grip Group HEAR Hatching Height Help History Hole I-drop ID Icon Image Implied Importing Index Infinite Input Inquiry Inscribed Insert Inserting Intellimouse Interface Intersect Isometric Isoplane Key-In LTW LWT Lab Layer Layout Leader Length Lengthen Limits Line Linear Linetype Lineweight List Listing Load Locate Location Locks Logo Macros Manager Manipulate Match Maxsort Measure Menu Method Metric Midpoint Mirror Mode Model Modes Modify Mouse Move Moving Multi-Line MultiSelect Multiline Nearest Non-Rectangular OLE Object Obscured Offset Online Open Option Orbit Orientate Ortho Osnap Otrack PEDIT Palette Pan Paper Parallel Paste Perimeter Perpendicular Photo Pickbox Plane Plotting Point Polar Polygon Polyline Precision Preferences Print Profile Project Properties Pull Pulldown Quadrant Quick REFEDIT Radius Raster Reassociate Rectangle Redraw Refedit Reference Relative Remove Rename Render Resize Revcloud Rewind Rotate Save Scale Scratch Screen Scroll Separate Set Setting Setup Shade Sheet Shift Sketch Snap Split Status Stretch Structure Styles Subtracting Tangent Text Thickness Tile Tolerance Toolbar Translator Transparency Triangle Trim UCS Undo Unit VPCLIP Value Variable Vert Vertex Vertical Video View Viewing Viewport Views Visual WBlock Warning Weight Window Wizard World X XClip XRefs Xref Y Zoom

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