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321 Learn for Windows 8 Fundamentals

Learn Windows 8 on you own PC at your own pace following the Table of Contents on this page which contains 5.75 hours of training, covering 77 lessons with example files and there are 308 topics that are indexed for quick search that get you up to speed on Windows 8 fast. After you learn use SofTutor's quick search feature for refresher training and as needed support. SofTutor allows you to learn in at the same time you use the actual product. You will learn Windows 8 while you use Windows 8, you'll open example files and follow along with the SofTutor instructor at the same time. You'll learn Microsoft Windows 8 in about 12 hours!

Runs on XP - Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro on either 32bit or 64bit operating systems. This version does not run on Windows 8 RT. This software requires Microsoft .net 2.0 or higher, a free download from Microsoft. If your system does not have .net SofTutor will either install it automatically or prompt you to install it when you run the program for the first time.

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Windows 8 Table of Contents

1.0 Project Overview
  1.1 About Us and this Project
  1.2 Benefits of Joining our Emailing List

2. Installing Windows 8

3. Starting Win 8
  3.1 Login, Logout, Lock
  3.2 Start Screen
  3.3 Picture Password
  3.4 Microsoft Email Account Benefits
  3.5 Logoff or Sign Out
  3.6 Key Shortcuts
    3.6.1. Common Keyboard Shortcut Keys (indexed, click links below the video player)
    3.6.2. Charm Keyboard Shortcut Keys

4. Windows 8 Start Screen
  4.1 Using Windows 8 Start Screen
  4.2 Standard apps installed
    4.2.1 Calendar App
    4.2.2 Camera App
    4.2.3 Email App
    4.2.4 Finance App
    4.2.5 Internet Explorer App
    4.2.6 Music App
    4.2.7 People App Setting Your Photo and Information Adding Facebook
    4.2.8 Skydrive App
    4.2.9 Travel App 
    4.2.10 Weather App
  4.3. Apps
    4.3.1 Switch Between Apps
    4.3.2 Side by Side Switcher Two Start Screen Apps App and Windows 8 Desktop
    4.3.3 Group Apps
  4.4 Find & Install New Apps
  4.5 Customize Start Screen
  4.6 Customize Your PC 
    4.6.1 PC Settings
    4.6.2 Personalize
    4.6.3 Add User Add User Add Child Account
    4.6.4 Family Safety Setting up Family Safety Turning off Family Safety
    4.6.5 Ease of Access
    4.6.6 Sync Your Settings

5. Using Windows 8 Desktop
  5.1 Applications Work Local Save to Cloud
  5.2 Reboot, Power Off
  5.3. Cleaning Up Your Desktop
  5.4. Create Document and Printing
  5.5. Task Manager
    5.5.1 Starting Task Manager
    5.5.2 Using Task Manager
  5.6. Internet Explorer
  5.7. File Manager
5.7.1 File Manager Part 1
5.7.2 File Manager Part 2
5.7.3 File Manager Part 3
5.7.4 File Manager Part 4
5.7.5 File Manager Part 5
5.7.6 File Manager Part 6
5.8 File Assocations
5.8.1 File Associations Part 1
5.8.2 File Associations Part 2
  5.9. Skydrive
    5.9.1 Skydrive Part 1
    5.9.2 Skydrive Part 2
  5.10. Power & Hibernate
  5.11 Configuration
    5.11.1 Background & Screen Resolution
    5.11.2 Setting Time & Date
  5.12 Delete files
  5.13. Install Software
  5.14. Taskbar
    5.14.1 Taskbar Jumplist Management
    5.14.2 Taskbar Jumplists
    5.14.3 Taskbar Properties Notifications
    5.14.4.Taskbar Programs

6. Tips & Tricks
  6.1 Advanced Features
  6.2 Change a Shortcut Icon
  6.3 How to Record Program Steps using Step Recorder
  6.4 How to Record Audio using Sound Recorder
  6.5 How to Take Screenshots using Snipping Tool
  6.6 How to Search
  6.7 PowerShell
  6.8 Ripping a CD to your Music Directory
    6.8.1 Insert the CD
    6.8.2 Rip it to mp3
  6.9 Share a Link with Share Charm
  6.10 Speech Recognition
  6.11 Sync to Cloud Time Trial

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