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Table of Contents from SofTutor for MicroStation Advanced SE

This legacy product will teach you the fundamentals of Advanced SE design in MicroStation. It can be used with newer products, although interface changes may require hunting for the icons. Newer products are availble for purchase.

Table of Contents Copyright 1997-2012 New Vision Software, Incoporated.
All rights reserved

1 Introduction
1.1 SofTutor Help
1.1.1 The SofTutor Interface
1.1.2 Running SofTutor Side By Side
1.2 The Icons
1.2.1 Creating Custom Icons
1.2.2 Modifying The Icon's Border
1.3 Level Manager Dialog Box
1.4 Tool Settings Box
1.5 View Window Dialog Box Power Bar
2 New Life For Old Tools
2.1 Reference Files
2.1.1 Accessing Tools & View Reference Command
2.1.2 Sorting Options
2.1.3 Attaching A Reference File
2.1.4 Using The Exchange Tool
2.1.5 Using Copy Attachment Tool
2.1.6 Using Merge Into The Master Tool
2.2 Level Manager
2.2.1 Accessing & Manipulating Display Levels
2.2.2 Level Tabs & Options
2.2.3 Combining Levels With Reference Files
2.3 AccuDraw
2.3.1 Toggling Between Lines & Arcs
2.3.2 Using The Calculator With AccuDraw
2.3.3 AccuDraw & Key-ins
2.4 PowerSelector
3 New Tools
3.1 The Associate Command
3.2 Batch Plotting
3.3 Digital Signatures
3.4 IntelliTrim
3.5 3D B-Spline & Surface Tools
3.6 OLE (Object Linking & Embedding) Feature
3.6.1 Setting Up The OLE File
3.6.2 Working With OLE
3.7 Image Manager
3.7.1 Importing Raster Images
3.7.2 Tools
3.7.3 Batch Conversions
4 Productivity And Power
4.1 3D View Controls
4.1.1 Zooming In/Out
4.1.2 Perspectives
4.1.3 Rendering Tools
4.1.4 Shading Types
4.2 Introduction To 3D With SE & AccuDraw
4.2.1 Using AccuDraw With 3D
4.2.2 Creating A 3D Object From A 2D Profile
4.2.3 Using AccuDraw For Line Placement
4.2.4 Using AccuDraw To Create A 3D Object
4.3 3D Curve Commands
4.3.1 B-Spline
4.3.2 Turning On/Off Curves & Control Points
4.3.3 Create A Curve By Tangents
4.3.4 Composite Curve
4.3.5 Place Conic
4.3.6 Placing A Spiral
4.3.7 Placing A Helix
4.3.8 Offset Command
4.4 Modifying Curves
4.4.1 Extend Curve Command
4.4.2 Reduce Curve Data Command
4.4.3 Convert Element To B-Spline Command
4.4.4 Blend Curve Command
4.4.5 Drop B-Spline Curve Command
4.4.6 Flatten Curve Command
4.5 Rendering
4.5.1 Different Types Of Rendering
4.5.2 Assigning Materials
4.5.3 Ray Tracing & Radiosity
4.5.4 Other Options For Ray Tracing & Radiosity
4.5.5 Using QuickVision
4.5.6 Rendering Tools
4.5.7 Rendering Setups
4.6 Animation
4.6.1 Introduction & Setup
4.6.2 Creating KeyFrames
4.6.3 Creating The Script
4.6.4 Playing The Movie
4.6.5 Animation Tools
4.7 Importing & Exporting Files
4.8 3D Lab (Creating A Desk)
4.8.1 Part 1 - Introduction To 3D Space
4.8.2 Part 2 - Define Working Unit & Creating A Profile
4.8.3 Part 3 - Basic Project Tools
4.8.4 Part 4 - Creating Desk Top
4.8.5 Part 5 - Creating Drawers
4.8.6 Part 6 - Copying Drawers
4.8.7 Part 7 - Mirroring Desk Drawers
4.8.8 Part 8 - Lighting
4.8.9 Part 9 - Animation
5 Working The Web
5.1 Using The HTML Authoring Tool
5.2 Using The HTML Author Cell Libraries
5.3 Using The HTML Author Basic Macros
5.4 Using The HTML Author Design File Snapshot
5.5 Plotting A File To Be Viewed On The Web

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